Seminar on Austrian Economics

Since 2010, INESS organizes a four-day Seminar on Austrian Economics (SREk). It is predominantly intended for university students, who perceive Economics more broadly than just Accounting and Excel. The aim of the seminar is to promote economic, critical and philosophical thinking.

Seminar on Austrian Economics

Over 200 students have already attended the seminar, coming from different cities and universities. There were more than 20 lecturers from various countries that have come to share their experience and knowledge. The students have had the opportunity to experience interesting workshop, discussions and develop new friendships. Some of them even did an internship at INESS, after the seminar.

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* The abbreviation is made from the original Slovak name of the Seminar

What to expect from SREk?

  • Four days (Thursday evening - Sunday afternoon) full of lectures, discussions and teambuilding activities,
  • Lecturers with academic background, investment experience, experts from the third sector,
  • Guests from abroad, lectures held (also) in English,
  • evening informal discussion with lecturers,
  • Participants will receive Economics literature and a Certificate of completion.

The seminar is primarily intended for university students. However, it is not a condition of participation, younger and older applicants can apply as well. Knowledge of economic fundamentals and English is essential.

Participats about SREK:

'I am very grateful, since you are helping to make the world a better place. I consider this type of events to have even cultural significance. Everyone was awesome. These four days have left me insourmountably happy. I will definitely recommend this event to everyone and I, myself would like to attend it again.'

' This wonderful seminar taught me more than the university I have been attending for the past two semesters. I have been given a lot of knowledge for a great price.'

' I enjoyed SREK as it was, as a whole, and most importantly, the fact that it was not completely formal, but we had the opportunity to discuss different issues during the evening informal discussions.'



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