Economics Olympiad

Economic and financial literacy is a long-ignored issue for many Slovaks, the number of people in debt being its witness. There isn’t enough time dedicated to this subject on high schools, as there is...
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Progress without Permission

If you are one of those fascinated by the Internet and its influence on the society, this is the book for you. Progress without Permission is a complete guide to the world where Airbnb rescues the dea...
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Economics at home

The coronavirus stopped the functioning of companies and offices, closed schools, but certainly did not stop all educational opportunities. At INESS, we have decided to compile some chapters from “the...
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INESS is an independent, non-governmental and non-political civic association. All of our activities are financed by grants, 2% tax allocation, own activities and donations from individuals and legal entities. Thus, our operation, scope and quality of outputs, largely depends on your generosity.

Seminar on Austrian Economics

Since 2010, INESS organizes a four-day Seminar on Austrian Economics (SREk). It is predominantly intended for university students, who perceive Economics more broadly than just Accounting and Excel. T...
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In 2017, INESS launched a series of informal economic discussions called Ekonomické reči (Econtalks). So far, we have organized more than twenty events.
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Bureaucracy index

Bureaucracy Index is a simple and transparent quantification of the proverbial “red tape”, which is mentioned daily in media, but rarely in any quantitative terms
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Roma Myth

Every fifth euro goes to a pensioner, railroads and highways consume 7-times more public resources than family benefits. To support farmers, Slovak citizens spent 3-times more than on benefits in mate...
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