Expensive Polystyrene and ECB

Polystyrene, wood, reinforcement steel, and other materials have not only become expensive, but their lack in warehouses indicates that the increase of prices will continue. It is similar with notebooks, bicycles, or maize.

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Income Equality in Slovakia

Over the last 15 years, income inequality has increased by 14 % in both Denmark and Sweden. I assume you haven't read or seen this information anywhere. Much more popular are articles on income inequality in "bad" countries, such as the United States or the United Kingdom. Likewise, you might not have noticed the information that income inequality in Slovakia fell by 14 % over the same period, making the rate of income inequality in Slovakia the lowest in the EU. Or in other words - income equality in Slovakia is the highest. And not only within the EU but also within the OECD.

Paying for Results, not Expenses

When you ask a good economist to name the most precious capital, their answer will be human capital”. Large oil field, steel production capacity, or a number of tractors produced do not make the company rich. The company grows rich thanks to skilled people in the right place, their excellent skills and ability to adapt to change. As Julian Simon used to say, the ultimate source of wealth is man.

Next Generation EU: Why We Should Be Concerned about the Recovery Plan

Governments around the world reacted to the pandemic situation in similar fashion. Costly economic stimulus packages popped out, undermining the role of decentralized reaction from the bottom and strengthening state’s role in economy. European Union introduced the EUR 750 billion worth Next Generation EU package. Next Generation EU and its crucial part, Recovery and Resilience Facility, promise to bring an era of growth and stability to the European Union and its 27 member states. Can this promise be fulfilled, and if so, at what cost?

Will Tax Brake Protect Citizens’ Wealth in Slovakia?

One of the basic economic lessons is that the first slice of bread will bring you the highest utility. Definitely, you will be better off than with the second slice, or the third which is rather more likely to bring costs. The law of diminishing marginal utility applies generally to all human action, including the public administration.

Who Will Drive Slovak Drug Ferrari?

The Slovak society has recently experienced number of front-page stories about patients who were refused payment for innovative, highly expensive drugs by health insurance companies. The stories which attracted a lot of emotions and stirred the public are vanguard of much bigger future troubles in public healthcare.

Real Solutions Instead of Self-Sufficiency for Slovak Agriculture

The low productivity of agriculture and the coronavirus crisis have sparked a discussion about promoting self-sufficiency in agri-food products in Slovakia. Many hope that it is self-sufficiency that will guarantee twice as many cattle grazing on the pastures, tons of Slovak organic meat or eggs from happy free-range hens on the supermarket shelves.


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