School Reform: Arizona Introduces Education Vouchers

How services are funded affects their effectiveness and quality. Take meals. It makes a big difference whether the state directly funds the operation of restaurants or “merely” mandates the issuance of food stamps, or whether restaurants are funded by paying customers. Each of these models brings different incentives and feedback loops.

Green Deal Ambitions May Hinder Its Implementation

The Green Deal is an initiative that has – and will have – a significant economic and redistributive impact unlike anything the European Union (EU) has seen before. Its implementation will require fundamental changes in the foundations of the European economy and trillions of euros of investment. But even that may not be enough. The Green Deal envisages the introduction of technological innovations that we have not yet discovered.

Doctor Google as Ally

The pandemic period has not been kind to some patients’ relationship with health professionals. A period of information uncertainty, spawning hoaxes. The patient with his own opinion and his own information falls under a crooked gaze.

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In Education, Length Matters

When people say “innovative improvement”, they immediately think of cars that don’t need to be driven; medicines that cure an incurable disease or vegetables that taste like meat. But an important innovation can also be a relatively unremarkable thing, such as shortening time. For example, to get from point A to point B, or to grow fruit from a plant, or the necessary hospital stay after a surgery.

Is Default of Slovakia Realistic?

The current social package worth more than a billion euro has definitively confirmed that Slovak government is going kamikaze in the area of public finances. After all, the money is “lying on the pavement” (even though we already have the highest corporate tax rate in all of Eastern Europe), so what’s the problem? Even before the package, Slovakia already had the worst long-term sustainability of public finances in the EU.

Protectionism as New Pandemic

History repeats itself. Unfortunately, 2022 is no exception. The pandemic and the ensuing war have raised fears about food sufficiency, which politicians around the world have turned into old-fashioned solutions. What people do not like to hear is that many measures not only do not address food security but may make it even worse.


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